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00: CV06-19: CV06-19 Mini complete No cart: 295. I have searched this forum and others to make sure I know exactly what to spec since there are thousands of different situations. Make sure your design will contain any overflow resulting from unexpected overfilling of the waste bin and cyclone body. See more videos for Clearvue Cyclone Cv1800 User Manual.

The CV1800 dust collection system is powerful and efficient- ideal for woodworkers, small businesses or other entities in need of fine dust collection. I have been looking for a good DC system and finally ordered a ClearVue CV1800 this December. ClearVue™ pump’s floatless sensor technology senses how fast water is filling the tank and determines how hard the ClearVue™ needs to pump in a given installation, then pumps only to that height.

Note: When using F Sections to finish off the ends of your roof: For 6mm gauge sheet omit the bottom outside rubber seal from the Glazing Bar Bottom section from the first Glazing Bar and. Login to Write a cv1800 Review Login to Add to Toolbox. ClearVue™ runs at the minimum speed needed, saving wear on the pump.

We have developed this publication to assist you in programming and using your VFD with your Clearvue Cyclone. Just wanted to share my latest craigslist score. And because the CV1800 is wall mounted it should actually provide a little more open floor space than my last setup.

This was my attempt to reducing the noise on the Clearvue CV-1800 cyclone in my wood shop. I purchased this cyclone directly from Clearvue and couldn’t be happier. I’d rather go to big than have to regret not having enough power, and I’d love to have the upgraded Steel cyclone but I’m having a hard time justifying the 00 increase in cost.

ClearVue™ Mini features suction lift of up to 6 feet. I’m commenting on the clearvue CV1800 cyclone dust collector. Clear Vue Cyclones, 145 Nix Road Liberty, SC 29657. They are a little behind because of all the orders so I have not received mine yet. We operate multiple machines at once including a CNC which creates a ton of debree. com CV1800 and CVMAX Installation Guide. With the benefit of extended filter life and uncompromised airflow, the Mini CV06 is a great accessory for any shop vacuum!

Never had a problem and if you can modify your machinery to 6" dust ports, you&39;ll see a great improvement in the dust collection from the machinery and less hanging in the air to breathe. Liberty, SC 29657. I was fortunate that Clear Vue ran a special when I bought the unit that included a 16” impeller as an upgrade in clearvue cyclone cv1800 user manual the CV1800 bundle price. CV1800: CV1800 including motor excluding filters: 3060.

So I am a person who researches a lot before buying anything. All seams on our cyclones are of an offset lap type joint, making the inside of the cyclone very smooth thus keeping air turbulence and friction to a minimum. I am preparing to have a licensed electrician come in to install a dedicated clearvue cyclone cv1800 user manual 240V/30A breaker for a Clearvue CV1800.

If your order includes a VFD, in an envelope at the back of this manual is a Clearvueoz manual specifically for the VFD when used with one of our cyclones. For every molecule of air leaving the shop another will need to enter. Only available when purchased with a machine in 1 transaction: 1362. The CV 1800 bundle included the CV 1800 unit (including the Cyclone Body, Impeller, Impeller Housing and two Filters), Fine Dust Collection Cleanout Box, Electric Control Box with remote, and Hanging Brackets. When I first purchased the system, telephone assistance was easy to get.

First I was able to afford one and secondly it was my first dust collector, lucky, I don’t need to upgrade, just finish the piping installation. The CV1800 is a powerful and efficient dust collection system. The pump selects the lowest effective speed, making it quieter than a regular pump. Is set up to use 6" main ducting and runs great. I own a small cabinet shop where we manufacture about 12-15 kitchens a year. The CV1800 is a powerful and efficient dust collection system.

Finally, I would suggest that anyone considering a cyclone system take the time to check out the pretty extensive site of Bill Pentz and also the Clear Vue User Forum. Specifications Item Description CV1800 Footprint: 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 1050mm if using filters, Maximum air flow through 6” (150mm) pipe 1442 CFM CVMAX Footprint: 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 1050mm if using filters,. This cyclone does an outstanding job collecting the super fine dust even when tooling mdf doors. The CV is quite capable of moving everything through the circuit, especially when the exhaust is wide open. The CV1800 intake is sized to receive 6" sewer and drain PVC - ASTM D2729, ASTM D3034 and SDR 35 Pipe. 2 per bottom and 2 per top section.

I am pondering either the Oneida V3000 or the ClearVue CV1800 or CVMax. Woodworking Dust Collection System w/ iVac & Clearvue CV1800 - Duration: 17. Before You Purchase a Cyclone Why Clear Vue Cyclones? The motor is much larger at 5hp and therefore the rated CFM is double that of my last unit. There is a wealth of great information on both sites that you can bore your friends and family with.

The CV1800 units include an 18" diameter (PETG) plastic cyclone with an MDF board ring at the top, an intake transition from rectangle to 6" round, as well as a piece of 6" flex hose at the bottom of the cyclone for hooking up to the trash can. She also advised that all Clearvue employees are cross trained and also provide technical support during the assembly process. Fourth, Clear Vue is a great company when support is needed. In the long run, I would love a Clearvue that happens to replace the MDF with metal, but that isn&39;t now, so it would have to be the Oneida just from a durability standpoint. I was fortunate in two ways when I purchased my CV1800. I have the McRabbet sensor that Clear-Vue sells and it works beautifully. Insert the Rubber Gaskets into the Glazing Bar extrusions. Third, this cyclone is set up to use cheap sewer & drain pipe (S&D or 2729 to the local plumbing supply/irrigation supply places) Fittings and pipe are inexpensive, easy to work with, and easy to re-arrange.

It also came with the 30 amp breaker and break. Clearvue CV1800 - to filter or not to filter? Based on that belief, I had 3 hp Grizzly and Oneida models on my short list but ended up buying the Clear Vue CV1800.

Has anyone purchased, installed and been using the new Clear Vue EF5 cyclone? Clear Vue Cyclones. CV1800 and CVMAX Installation Guide. CV1800 unit **** 0.

The Australian and New Zealand CV1800 supplied as a standard unit include the motor, the motor plate, the 406 mm impeller complete with the impeller housing and taper bearing, the cyclone body and cone assembly the flexible hose to link up with the bin together with all the fastenings to put it together. Clear Vue Cyclones. Its unique self-cleaning feature senses problems and automatically enters a self-cleaning mode using condensate water to fix the issue. The dust collector I decided on was the Clear Vue CV1800 Cyclone Bundle. You must also be prepared to wait approximately 12 weeks for delivery. Clear Vue Cyclones Clear Vue Cyclones 145 Nix Road Liberty, SCwww.

For a free air return you&39;ll want the vent diameter to be larger than the exhaust diameter from the cyclone other wise friction losses will cause some negative pressure. Based on the revolutionary Bill Pentz design, the Clear Vue Cyclones Mini CV06 adds cyclonic separation to any shop vacuum. oo DISCOUNT ***** These offers are conditional upon purchasing the appropriate unit and paying a 50% deposit on invoice. It fits almost anywhere including inside a line set cover, inside the wall cassette unit (on some cassette models), and easily installs in ceiling or behind a wall. Ideal for woodworkers, small businesses or other entities needing fine dust collection.

Today I received the newest Wood Magazine and they did not review the CV so favorably. Clearvue is heavy clear plastic and MDF made in USA, but enjoys the advantage of Bill Pentz cyclone design. I was able to find a ClearVue Cyclone CV1800 5HP w/everything including filters.

Getting to know your cyclone *Items are not included and may be purchased separately. Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos 130,029 views. The shop itself had no noise absorbing panels on the ceiling or wa. ClearVue™ Mini is compact - only 3-1/2" x 2" x 3".

Based on the Bill Pentz cyclone design, the powerful 5HP 220v Leeson single phase motor coupled with our 15" backward-inclined blower generates 1,442 cfm. CV1800LH System with Filters - single phase clearvue cyclone cv1800 user manual - Clear Vue Cyclones The CV1800 is a powerful and efficient dust collection system. If there is a partial clog in the drain line, ClearVue™ figures that out, and pumps a little harder. Before placing any of the ClearVue components on the structure.

Then I started ducting for the dust collector in January of this year. CV1800 and CVMAX Assembly Instructions. It also came with about 50ft of 6 white PVC pipe, Wyes, blast gates, etc and a remote relay start for the entire system. The inlet size receives a 2" vacuum hose – (adapters to other shop vacuum sizes sold separately). That is when I discovered that this statement in the Clear Vue cyclone assembly manual was quite an understatement: Installation Time Installing your CV1800 cyclone takes approximately 4-6 hours to assemble with two people.

oo DISCOUNT **** CVMAX unit ***** 0. The CV1800 also is outfitted with 300 square feet of filter area and thus translates. Clear Vue CV1800 Cyclone Dust CollectorDuration: 10:25. 00: Filter Kit: Filter kit for CVMAX or CV1800 includes 2 filters clearvue cyclone cv1800 user manual and joining clamp with a 90 degree transition excludes clean out box. Oneida is metal, made in USA. You will need a vent from the outside for makeup air.

I was looking at the Oneida 5hp Dust Gorilla Pro until I saw this come out with comparable cost. STUMPY&39;S WEBSITE com SUBSCRIBE com/user/StumpyNubsWorkshop The last of our four part dust collection series finally. For single phase units, a relay is included.

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